Instead of the many social network like buttons which are normally scattered across blog posts, you can use the code provided by this website to embed a small like / dislike button on your posts, and if the person chooses “like”, they then have the option to promote the post on social media.

MUO / "Cool Websites and Tools – Like Buttons, Chess, Urinals, & Maildrops"
  Powerful like button plugin that’s packed with tons of features and layouts. This plugin is not only easy to use and looks great, but it also comes with quite a few features that similar like button plugins don’t have. These include Google Rich Snippets, AddThis sharing, real-time statistics, donation collection, and much more.

85IDEAS / "7 Free Review & Rating WordPress Plugins to Enable Rating System Easily"
  There are many rating plugins for WordPress out there, but all of them are lacking in functionality. The Like Button Voting & Rating plugin is great, it’s probably one the best Like button plugins on the market. Along with the Like buttons, the plugin also provides an option to enable Google Rich Snippets making your site look more appealing to your visitors on search engine results pages. It will also help to boost your search engine rankings and increase traffic & clicks!

WP MAYOR / "Like Button: All Inclusive WordPress Rating Plugin"
  The plugin provides an enormous number of options allowing to configure almost each aspect of the Like button: theme, alignment, labels, texts, tooltips, counter, etc.

HI-TECH YOGA / "6 WordPress Like Button Plugins"
  It is very simple to add Like button on blogger, you don’t need much knowledge of coding.

QUORA / "How do I add like buttons on my bloggers blog?"
  I loved the huge amount of customization option and the graphical styles are all very nice so you can get something which matches in with the design of your site pretty easily. If you prefer to get more involved, this is an in-depth plugin which will allow you to tailor it to the exact functionality that you need. If you are looking to add “like” button functionality to your site then I recommend you check it out.

WP LIFT / "How To: Add a Like Button to WordPress for Free with LikeBtn Plugin"
  With this plugin you can add the voting feature to WordPress posts and pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress activities, bbPress posts as well as users.

SOURCE WP / "7 Best Post Voting Plugins for WordPress" is the service providing a fully customizable like button widget for websites. This plugin integrates LikeBtn Like Button into your WordPress website and allows visitors to like and dislike pages, posts, custom post types and comments anonymously.

INSIPIREDHUB / "15 Best Voting Plugins for WordPress"

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